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Back at Ästad, Sweden, May 2003

Here are some photos from our first roll of film in Sweden. 
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May 31st.

On this day a 60 mile mountain bike race was going by Ästad. Ingela and Lars took  a more leisurely bike ride to watch the racers. First we went by Inger Brinkman's summer house in the beech forest ½ mile from our house. Inger had told us we could rent the house in August for our friends from California and we wanted to send them a photo of the house.

1½ mile from our house we found the race track and the racers.






We followed the track (getting out of the path of the racers as they passed by) for about a mile to lake Skärsjön. To the left you see Ingela walking down towards the lake.




Almost home again we took a picture of our house: the yellow-brown house to the left in the photo. Until the 50s our house was the general store at Ästad. The house to the right is the old dairy, now used as a summer house. So we do ive right in downtown Ästad.


June 1st.

The Neighborhood Association (Skogsbo Rote Byalag) arranged a bike tour. Eight people came. Lars took this picture of the rest of the party as it had emerged from the dense forest behind, where we had to haul our bikes along a foot path.




We took a coffee break by lake Björkasjön.




And we stopped at Birgitta's and Ingvar's place to look at their highland cattle.




June 2nd

Ingela and Lars took a bike trip around lake Älvasjön.

While Ingela rested by the water ...







... Lars took a swim






June 3rd

Eyvind, Sunniva, and Lars biked and hiked to the top of mount Hiaklitten, about 1 mile from home.




This was our view. The lake you see is Byasjön. Our house is located halfway between lakes Byasjön and Älvasjön. Because of the many lakes in this area of Halland beeches thrive. So, much of the forest here is beech.
A thousand years ago the people here lived by a fortress (Truedsholm) on an island in lake Byasjön. Centuries later they moved to present day Ästad. Truedstad became Edstad and then Ästad (Aestad).
June 12th

Last day of school. Sunniva is dressed up. Ingela will take her to school in her Citroen 2CV. The children march from the school house to the medieval church in Sibbarp to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. Sunniva spent the first three and the last three weeks of the school year in the grade 5-6 classroom of Sibbarp school. Today she will play the recorder with the school orchestra in Sibbarp church.


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