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Publication History
Should Neuroleptic Drugs Be Banned?

After Should Neuroleptic Drugs Be Banned? was presented at the World Federation of Mental Health Conference in Copenhagen in August 1984 and printed in the Proceedings of that conference, it has been reprinted a number of times, often by organizations of ex-patients and by advocates for patients. For example, Karl Bach Jensen in Denmark and Peter Lehman in Berlin, who many years later became the second and the third president of The European Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (, translated the article to Danish (ref. 5, below) and to German (ref. 4, below).

Sadly, however, these views are virtually banned from the psychiatric literature. Why is it that experiences, facts, arguments, and views that are passionately validated and embraced by intelligent patients with personal knowledge of these drugs are ignored by psychiatrists? Why are leading psychiatrists not regarded as patient advocates by knowledgeable ex-patients (such as Jensen, Lehman, and Hebriana See interview on this site).  Why do psychiatrists not even take the opportunity to enter into dialogue with patients?

It is hard to escape the conclusion that psychiatry is in essence more a repressive and censoring institution than a self-critical scientific discipline or a branch of medicine that aims to serve the true interests of patients.

Nevertheless, these views have occasionally echoed in the pharmacologic and in the psychiatric literature. Thus the title Should Neuroleptic Drugs be Banned? was borrowed as the heading of a new chapter in the 9th edition of the German psychiatric textbook by Professor A. Finzen, Medikamentenbehandlung bei psychischen Storungen (Bonn, 1991). The title Should Neuroleptic Drugs be Banned? was also borrowed as the heading of a "special review" by the editor of Side Effects of Drugs Annual 10, 1986 (p. 49-50). When that volume was reviewed in the British medical journal The Lancet (Sept. 6, 1986, p. 588), the reviewer noted that "Dr. M. N. G. Dukes almost comes around to agreeing that neuroleptic drugs should be banned."

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