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By Kattegatt in the Summer

Kattegatt is the part of the Atlantic Ocean between the Swedish West Coast and Denmark. Varberg is a city in the province of Halland about 50 miles south of Göteborg (Sweden's 2nd city, home of Volvo, etc.) In the summer Swedes, as well as many Norwegians, flock to the beaches of the West Coast. Since all Swedes have lakes and forests around home they head for the ocean beaches and leave the beautiful lakes and woods mostly to Danes and Germans who love to get away from the crowded contintent to the quietness and unspoiled nature of Sweden. 

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    Ferry from Grenaa, Denmark on its way into the harbor of Varberg. 
For some years in the Middle Ages all of Scandinavia was ruled from the fortress of Varberg (Varberg's fästning).
Nude bathing is a tradition in Varberg since the 19th century. 


    Fortress of Varberg 
    (Varberg's fästning)

Part of the south wall.










    Skarpe Nord
    Nakenbad för damer 

("Nakedbath for dames")
The photographer did not dare further.
At this moment no body was passing into the water along the rails in the background.
(See next photo.)




    Goda Hopp
    Nakenbad för herrar

    Nude bathing for gentlemen.
In the background you see the bridge at Skarpe Nord with a stream of ladies.
The gentleman in the white cap seems headed for the bridge at Goda Hopp (next photo).




    Bridge at Goda Hopp




    Varberg's kallbadhus 
    (Cold Bath House) from the turn of the century. View from the harbor pier. The fortress in the background. To the left the men's section, to the right the women's section, in the middle, sauna's with large windows facing the sea. In the fall the socializing at Goda Hopp and Skarpe Nord moves here. 

    Varberg's kallbadhus 
    (Cold Bath House)
View from the opposite side, from near the fortress. The wooden bridge to the left in the photo takes you to the entrance of the bath house. 




    "Topless Is Out"
    declared a Swedish newspaper in June. The reason: conservatism reigns now. In the 70s most women were topless on Swedish beaches. Now, claimed the paper, it is mostly middle aged mothers who embarrass their more conservative daughters. But, apparently some girls are as young in spirit as their middle aged mothers.







    Subbe Lighthouse 
    south of Varberg.
The rock under the lighthouse is hollow with emplacements for WWII cannon batteries that covered the entrance into Varberg harbor.




    While all the above photos were taken along the beaches at Varberg, the following two pictures were taken at Steninge, halfway between the cities of Falkenberg and Halmstad, 40 miles south of Varberg. 




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