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Lakes, Forests, Meadows

In Halland, on the West Coast of Sweden, the coastal plain extends some 10 miles inland. The rest of Halland is covered by woods with many lakes, as well as meadows and smaller areas of farmland. All these photos were taken in July 2003 in the vicinity of Ästad, about 15 miles inland from the coastal town of Varberg. Because of the numerous lakes many of the trees in this area are beech. Much of Sweden has nature like this. Swedes flock to the sea coast for summer vacations, while Danes and Germans more appreciate the quietness and the unspoiled nature in the inland areas of Sweden. 

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   Typical Swedish "torp"
   Traditionally almost all buildings in the countryside of Sweden are red. This is a well maintained torp, now used as a summer house. Most torps have vanished and all that remains are overgrown stone foundations. You find them everywhere in the woods. Most grand and grandgrandchildren of the Swdish 19th century "torpare" now live in Swedish cities or in America. .

   Lake Humsjön.







   Cows by Lake Älvasjön 
   By law all Swedish cattle must be allowed grazing outdoors during the summer months. Animal welfare legislation is more advanced in Sweden than in other countries. For example, in the US the public seems not to care at all about the conditions under which animals (other than pets) live. 



   Lake Grytsjön








    Lake Rörsjön seen through 
    branches of beech trees








    Lake Älvasjön

    Eyvind and Sunniva 
    in lake Byasjön





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